Phillip Mills

Policy Consulting Director: Phill Mills

Phill has significant experience in the water sector, environment, regulation and consumer affairs, gained within a water company, a global consulting organisation and a representative body.

Phill has led development of policy across several areas as Deputy Chief Executive with Water UK – the organisation representing the water companies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

He has delivered successful policy change in the areas of drinking water quality, water for health, customer debt and water affordability, and infrastructure, including network resilience and the transfer of private sewers.

Phill has a successful track record of working with stakeholders to deliver positive policy change.  These include Government and Shadow Ministers, MPs, Government officials In UK and Brussels, industry regulators, consumer associations, environmental associations and other sector representatives.  Phill has also contributed to influencing opinion on key policy issues through speaking at national conferences and seminars and participating in radio and TV interviews.

Phill’s previous roles include Deputy Chief Executive at Water UK; member of the Board of Management of Eureau; Board member of NJUG Ltd (National Joint Utilities Group); and member of Institution of Civil Engineer's Water Panel

Phill is a Chartered Engineer with a degree in civil engineering and executive education at Harvard Business School


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